2018 Summer Camps

Course Description: Code ROBLOX / MINECRAFT, Game Coding / Robotics / Smart Phone Apps, Lite Python / Java S


New students are quickly tested and placed in Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced sections and given new and different projects. They advance to new levels as they return for additional semesters / camps.


Class Focus: Coding ROBLOX, MINECRAFT, Game Dev - Scratch / Smart Phone Apps, Robotics, 3D Animation, Lite Python, Java Script – Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced (Ages 6 - 14 years)

INCLUDES Public Speaking / Student Presentations: Students present their Coding Creations to the entire class after every few classes. Parents are welcome to come early periodically to watch their child present.

NOT APPROPRIATE for VERY advanced coders looking for deep dive in Swift,Java or Python. Call 646-266-6922 if not sure



Whether you are new to coding or have attended our previous camps, we have over 300 fun, hands on projects to help you advance to the next level in your Game Coding, Roblox/Minecraft Smart Phone Apps, Drone Wars / Robotics, Minecraft Modding & 3D Animation projects. Students tested on the first day and placed in the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced group. Levels require about 15 - 30 hours before passing to the next level. Coding Belts are awarded when a level is passed. Teacher: Student ratio 1:8  (each group has a separate instructor.) All instructors college grads, background checked, CPR certified.

Q: Can absolute Beginners attend? Typing skills?

A: Yes. Beginners start with drag & drop, block based coding. No typing skills required.

Q: Do you group kids by ages?

A: Yes. Kids are placed in 7 - 10 years OR 11 - 14 years age group. Camps have multiple instructors.

Q: What if my child has attended coding / robotics camps before. Do you place them in a different  skil groups?

A: Yes. Campers are assessed and placed in Beginners , Intermediate & Advanced groups and assigned projects at their level. Each group assigned a different instructor. Teacher / Student ratio is 1:8

Q: Can my child repeat the camps?

A: Yes. Campers can repeat upto 6 camps till they have passed out of Advanced. After completing each level, campers earn their next level Coding Belt (White, Yellow, Orange, Green  etc.) Please see Coding Belt requirements in the Course Detail.

Q: Will my child need to bring a laptop or iPad?

A: No. We provide all the laptops, iPads and Robots.

Q: Sibling discounts? Refunds?

A: Yes. 10% discount on 2nd & 3rd child. No refunds unless class cancelled due to not meeting minimum registration requirement with 2 days notice.




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Class Schedule Start Date Duration Location

** FRISCO YMCA Main/Teel (Open to Public)
1) Coding, Robotx, Mobile Apps - Beginr, Inter, Adv ( 7-14 yrs) Sunday 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Apr 08, 2018 52 weeks Year Long Classes EXCEPT June, July, Aug Register

1) Whiz Kid Doctorz: STEM Camp 30-45 Min Rotation (3 - 5 yrs) Monday 8:45 AM - 10:45 AM Apr 02, 2018 15 weeks Age Based Group Rotation - Max 10 / group
2) STEM Coding Robotics & Phone Apps Friday 4:45 PM - 5:45 PM Apr 02, 2018 8 weeks HLC, Mckinney