* Windsong Half Day Roblox, Game Coding, Robots - 6-12 yrs

Beginner to Adv Levels; NON-RESIDENTS CAN ATTEND
Windsong: OPEN TO PUBLIC (Beg - Adv 6-12 yrs) (location map)
Thursday, 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
12/27/18 (1 day)

Take one or more of these half day camps to learn the next level in Game Development, Coding Robots and ROBLOX.  Kids assessed and placed in the Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced groups. Our pool of 300 projects covering Game coding, Robots and ROBLOX will challenge kids whether just starting to code or already advanced. We also teach basic Python and JS.

You can attend multiple half day camps . Returning students tackle New and more advanced projects as they progress towards their next coding belt.